Will and Trust Litigation

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When a person close to you dies, you may sometimes find yourself pushed into disputes with family members, and others, you never expected. It is essential in a Will Contest or Trust action to retain an attorney, or at least consult with one, as soon as you suspect a conflict may be arising. This is because evidence of fraudulent actions can be lost and assets can be taken away before you ever know what happened. An early consultation can help you to preserve the status quo, preserve Estate or Trust assets, and make sure things are settled fairly.

In retaining an attorney, you will want to avoid those who appear to be treating your inheritance as their inheritance. Larger firms, especially, tend to view Estate assets as money to be had by them,  rather than something that belongs to you. At the Law Office of Jeff Grotke we always try to avoid unnecessary litigation, and to push early settlement, rather than protracted court fights. Beware of Attorneys who seem to create more conflict than they settle. They are not looking out for your best interests. Some conflicts are unavoidable, of course.